Passengers can stand up straight and move about freely in the Avanti’s spacious, pressurized cabin. The oversized, stuffed leather seats are arranged in a four-place club layout with a forward divan and a fifth individual seat. An enclosed private lavatory and a small refreshment area are available for passenger comfort.

An onboard Aircell phone includes fax capabilities and a data port to keep business moving as usual. The baggage capacity of the Avanti can be compared to that of a large SUV, with 44 cubic feet of space available for golf bags and other business necessities.

The design allowing for such a luxuriously sized cabin comes from the innovative use of three flying surfaces – the canard foreplane, rear-located main wing, and a T-tail. The canard acts as a horizontal stabilizer and forward wing, pushing the nose up rather than the typical aerodynamic strategy which forces the tail down. Having the main wing spar located farther back allows for greater cabin space, and the T-tail increases stability. The overall design offers notably less vibration in the cabin.