The Dassault Falcon 900EX is a long range development of the Falcon 900 with more powerful engines and other updates. Like the 900, it regularly carries 8 to 12 passengers or can be rearranged for up to 19.

Further improvements to the Falcon 900 family have been developed in the 900DX and 900LX. The 900DX replaces the 900C and comes with a redesigned fuel system and the standard EASy avionics system. The 900LX has a further extended range and new High Mach Blended Winglets, and will eventually replace the 900EX.

The cabin of the 900EX is much the same as that of the 900, with three cabin sections and optional partitioned rooms. Separate rooms may be used for a private office or bedroom, and some seats in the main cabin can be combined into flat, full-length beds. The 127 cubic foot aft baggage hold is pressurized, accessible during flight and has environment control.